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listen closely and you’ll recognize this as an early version of “guy’s eyes” that appears on merriweather post pavillion

the new weezer is GREAT

and to prove it here is a really mediocre song lol

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the first question when considering a hollywood rendition of alan turing’s life: are they going to “degay-ify” turing’s life? the initial trailer’s heavy exposition of keira knightley had me thinking so. IMO, there is a very strict limit to how much of this is tolerable, not just for most modern media but for any look into turing’s life in particular. here is a man who deserves to be credited as one of the greatest minds in computer science, yet he was vilified and maimed by a government who too easily forgot his contributions and too easily became obsessed with his sexuality. but now, what awful awful remembrance new generations will have of turing if the producers of this film choose to focus too much on his nazi-fighting abilities rather than his abuse at the hands of a government, society that could not understand him, and feared him because of it.

the imitation game hopefully refers not just to the test of artificial intelligence he invented, but rather the farce he put up with his entire life to program himself into british “normality”

misspell “type of way” and you get Lord Byron on RapGenius



Who wouldn’t watch a Davis-Kershaw matchup?

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manic pixie dream girls are such a tired and offensive trope. so why do doctor who fans always have to put up with it?

the plastic THANK YOU bag said what the cashier couldn’t. I’m looking at it and it must be at least three months old and the smiley face on it still smiles even when it’s an empty and sad bag


These leaked pictures of Stormtrooper helmets are fucking awesome shared the images online for the first time on Thursday. The first image is clearly for modernized version of a stock-issue Stormtrooper helmet. Consensus seems to be that the second image is an updated Snowtrooper helmet.

The helmet designs jive with the information that website Making Star Wars shared on June 17. They also mesh conceptually with what J.J. Abrams did with with the U.S.S. Enterprise in his Star Trek reboot. The new designs are modernized and slick, and their identities are unmistakable.

Between these images and the picture of Mark Hamill rocking the Jedi beard, this has been a damned good week for Star Wars fans.


super poignant Seattle PD. 

interesting point in that there are totally acceptable and sensical uses for the programs through DoD and Homeland Security that provide equipment to domestic police. ok so what makes some county/municipal police departments justify purchases and grants towards obtaining more destructive equipments such as armored personnel carriers and m16s?

according to klout’s analysis of my twitter, these are all the things that make me, me <3

yemen? brandeis? um ok

New Girl? National Security? awww yeee



Listen, I’m sorry I have to talk to you all like this - the last thing I wanna do is come off as Mr. Wetblanket-Never-Had-Fun-While-He-Was-Young. I had more than my share of pranks and goofs…


Clear eyes, Full House, can’t lose *___*

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